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NUTRITION & Riviera Maya Cuisine 

Why suffer through forgettable, unhealthy, mass-produced cuisine offered by most Riviera Maya resorts and Cancun all-inclusive resorts? Just because you're at a Fitness Camp in Mexico doesn't mean you can't love every meal. We know how important good food is for your holiday -- it can literally make or break a vacation. That's why the cornerstone of our nutrition program is organic, healthy, delicious 5-star calibre gourmet food that also detoxifies the body without you ever feeling deprived.

Our meal plan has been painstakingly designed by our nutrition experts to be not only healthy, but delicious. All meals are meticulously prepared by our gourmet chef. Start every day with a healthy, delicious breakfast like avocado toast with smoked salmon and spinach and a fresh fruit plate. Our lunches feature such local dishes like fresh ceviche and guacamole. Finish your day with a dinner like kale salad with grilled shrimp and crispy sweet potato croutons. 

Every breakfast includes fresh fruit
Mexican surf and turf!
Plantain protein pancakes!
Omlette & sweet potato hash browns!
Breakfast is served!
Fruit plate with toasted coconut!
Mexican flank steak tacos!
Our chef makes the best for you!
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