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Yasmin Vera, Founder and CEO

Yasmin is the Founder and CEO of Fun Fitness Globetrotters. A California corporate attorney, United Kingdom solicitor, and ACE-certified personal trainer, Yasmin manages all aspects of Fun Fitness Globetrotters, and is the go-to point person for guests before, during, and after each Fun Fitness Globetrotters' Fitness Camp in Mexico or in-home personal training session. Read more about Yasmin's story here.

Patricia Pradillo, Head Yoga Instructor

Patricia is Fun Fitness Globetrotters' Head Yoga Instructor. She coordinates all aspects our yoga program and also guides clients through Ashtanga classes. She is certified 200 hours in Ashtanga yoga, and has over +16 years practicing and teaching yoga and guided meditation. Clients love Patricia's yoga expertise and nurturing and supportive teaching style. Patricia considers every class she teaches an opportunity for our clients to learn to activate their body. mind, and soul with each yoga posture, and relax and restore the body and spirit with breathing. Her classes can accommodate all levels of yoga training, from beginners to the advanced. 

Anuar Mayorga, Executive Chef

Anuar is the Executive Chef for Fun Fitness Globetrotters. Trained in the kitchens of luxury restaurants and private yachts, Anuar's meals are a reflection of his deep gourmet culinary experience. In 2012, Anuar was selected to join Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay's first Canadian restaurant (after a rigorous selection process), where he subsequently worked and trained. He has also worked in other critically acclaimed restaurants in México, and in the off-season, is a private chef on luxury yachts in the Bahamas. Anuar incorporates his love of nature and art into the food he cooks, and the results are astounding -- 5 star organic gourmet meals for our guests! He welcomes and often solicits guest input for upcoming meals to ensure each meal is truly unforgettable. He is well-versed in many styles of cuisine from all over the world, including vegan and vegetarian gastronomy. Anuar graduated from the Instituto Culinario de Xalapa (Xalapa, Veracruz).

Ileana Cuenca, Assistant Yoga Instructor

Ileana is Fun Fitness Globetrotters' Assistant Yoga Instructor. She is certified 200 hours in Kundalini yoga, and also leads Hatha yoga classes and guided meditations. In her classes, Ileana leads students to harness the mental, physical, and nervous energies of the body in order to bring balance to mind, body, and soul. Her classes can accommodate all levels of yoga training, from beginners to the advanced. 

Claudia Carbone, Body Therapist

Claudia is the Body Therapist for Fun Fitness Globetrotters. She is certified in all aspects of body therapy. Her expert knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, coupled with her ability to intuit a client's body's therapeutical needs, allows her to help clients not only relax, but also recover from chronic pain and muscle injuries. She is well-versed in all massage techniques, including shiatsu, sports, Thai, lomi lomi, organity, and Swedish. 

Alison Boden, Nutrition Consultant

Alison is Fun Fitness Globetrotters' Nutrition Consultant. She helped us design organic meal plans to ensure guests' nutrition is not only healthy and nutrient-rich, but also unforgettably delicious. She also provides nutrition consultation for each client to determine the correct nutritional requirements for them to achieve their goals. She specializes in the holistic and integrative medicinal approaches to health and wellness, and believes that the foundation for optimal health begins with a health promoting diet. She earned her Bachelor's Degree from University of California, Davis and her Master of Public Health from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 

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