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yoga & Fitness 

Our yoga and fitness program gives guests the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to escape the boring, monotonous, and sometimes intimidating gym environment and start each day with either a daily sunrise beach walk (for 5 Night Yoga Retreat guests) or daily morning beachfront HIIT training (for 5 Night Yoga/Fitness guests). Our classes are small, so each guest receives lots of one-on-one instruction to ensure proper position and form.


After our morning beach session, guests enjoy an invigorating yoga and guided meditation session under our villa's pristine palapa. Our experienced yoga instructors will lead you through a variety of Yoga styles so you have a different yoga experience every day, from invigorating Vinyasa flow, to Power Yoga, to Hatha. It doesn't matter if you're stiff as a board or super bendy, the beauty of yoga is that it offers modifications to every pose to accommodate everyone.

Before a retreat or a private personal training session, clients complete a fitness questionnaire so that our professionals know, in advance, a client's current fitness level. While clients train in Mexico with us, we will check-in to ensure that our yoga and fitness program is not only fulfilling our guest's needs, but is also fun! 

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